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Radical New Schedule

It’s the end of May (a few days into June, I know) and once again I’ve done what I promised I would not. Sigh! I’ve been writing, in fact I’ve been at it all month but I’ve just not been writing about the usual. I’m guilty of letting the ‘work of writing’ not let ‘the pleasure of writing’ get a …

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Let’s Celebrate

It’s the first of December and I finally get to write a Tuesday column! Yes, I know…it’s been too long and all I can say is, I’m so glad to be back. Not what you expected right? Well what can I say, but that I’ve missed you and that you should get ready for the random, innocuous, provocative and other …

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Of Writers and Books

I’m a writer and a darned good one! I get better with each passing day and although I sometimes don’t write like I should (budding writers, please don’t follow this bad habit) I have a plan to change. So what brought this on? I hear you asking. Today’s Friday and until a few minutes ago I didn’t have the foggiest …

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